Study Abroad



I. General Information of Outgoing Exchange  Program

During your study in CIP, you will have opportunities to study as an exchange students in the oversea university that has exchange agreement with DHU. CIP will announce the information on outgoing exchange programs for the following semester in the first half semester, which includes the programs information, eligible requirements, selection criteria, application procedure and other related information.


Based on the exchange agreements between DHU and oversea universities, only limited quota is available for exchange in each university. Outgoing Student will study in our partner university for 1 semester and the credits will be transferred to DHU credits accordingly. Students who are selected to be part of the exchange program will study in the other university but pay the tuition of CIP. Student can extend his/her visiting study for one more semester only there are space left


II.Eligible Requirements for Outgoing Exchange

a)  Have completed at least two full semesters of university study but not in your last semester in DHU.

b) Maintain a 2.5+ grade-point-average (GPA).

c) Not under any disciplinary action.

d) Has no overdue payment to the university.

e) Permission from CIP administrative Office  

f) Other requirements listed by our international partner institutes


III. Selection Criteria for Outgoing Exchange (In the order of importance):

a) Students with higher GPA will be considered first.

b) Student who is not from the continent where the destination university is located will be considerred first.

c) Member of CIPSA, ISA or other student organization will be considered first if two students have similar GPA.

d) Student who has participated university events actively, supported CIP administrative work, or had special contribution to the university will be on the priority list.


IV. Application Materials for Outgoing Exchange

a) Application Form for Studying Abroad – ICES

(Download the application form here: application for exchange.doc)

b) Additional application documents required by the destination university (Will be announce to you once your application has been approved)


V. General Information  of Summer School

CIP  also recommend students to join the summer school offerred by differrent institute as well. By studying in the summer program, students can not only expand their horizon but also utilize the long vocation to earn the credits for the graduation. Unlike exchange program, generally there is no requirements for students applying for the summer school. Any students who are interested in the summer program can join. Students will apply directly to the admission office of summer program and no pre-approval from CIP administrative office is required. However, you are still suggest to consult CIP Administrative Office first on the subjects you can get credit transfer. 


  VI. Credit Transfer

CIP will give credit transfer suggestion during your application. And once you finish your study overseas, you should acquire a study certificate and an official transcript issued by the oversea university. Please provide the original copy of the study certificate and official transcript to Academic Affairs Officer and the course and credits will be reviewed and final credits will be recorded on student’s DHU transcript. The final decision will be determined by the subject, teaching hours, and other facts