Credit Transfer (Degree Program Only)

Credit Transfer and Course Exemption Policy                             

I. Transfer Conditions

Students from other colleges or universities may be accepted to study in CIP with a maximum of 30 credits to be transferred. Students must submit all the required documents to CIP administration latest by week 10 in the first registered semester.

Students can transfer their credit directly if the following requirements are met:

1) The previous school is at the same standard level of educational institutes as Donghua University or the community university in the United States.

2) The courses taken should have been instructed in English, except for the Chinese course.

3) Student should have attended the course(s) within at least 2 years when he/she enrolled in the program.

4) The courses to be transferred should be the required courses according to the CIP Academic Guidelines.

5) The official transcript from previous institute and course outlines should be provided for transfer evaluation and the content for the course should match over 80% of the equivalent course in CIP. It is upon the discretion of the Academic Committee to interpret the transcripts and approve for transfer.

6) The credit of the previous course should exceed or be equivalent to the credit of the related course in the CIP.

7) The credit hours of certain course should be at least 80% of the course hours offered in CIP.

8) Student must receive a grade equivalent to 80% or better for a credit transfer.

9) The deadline for all credit transfers and course exemption is on the 10th week of the first semester upon enrolment in CIP.

Students who comply with all the above-mentioned requirements can transfer the related courses. The mark for the course will be recorded as PASS, which means it will not be counted in the GPA. If you meet all the direct transfer conditions but want a mark counted in the GPA, you can still choose to take an exemption exam. Once you take the exemption exam, the mark will be counted in the GPA.

If you do not satisfy the direct transfer conditions, you can apply for the exemption exam to get the related credit. The grade equivalent to 60% or above will be regarded as pass and the mark will be recorded and counted in the GPA.

The credit transfer application will not be accepted by the office when:

  1. Courses taken are related to English (Including Academic English), Mathematics, Statistics, Computer Basis and Chinese

  2. The courses were not taught in English

  3. The courses were taken more than 2 years ago

It is recommended that students take the exemption test to get the credit.

II. Required documents for Credit Transfer Application

  1. Credit Transfer Application Form*

  2. Official transcript issued by your previous institute

  3. Course Information (course credit, credit hour and course content)

  4. Profile of your previous Institute

*Can be downloaded from

III. Others

  1. Students who have applied for credit will receive feedback from the office within one month after submission of the required documents. If the application is accepted, the office will transfer credit and record it into students’ transcript.

  2. Credit transfer must be conducted in accordance with the curriculum of Center of International Program. Regardless of higher or lower credits, the designated credit in CIP will supersede all the existing credit units in their former university or college. (For example, if a student applies to transfer a three-credit course from the previous institute and such course is equivalent to a two-credit course in CIP, then only two units will be credited.)

  3. Students who have transferred the credits successfully can also choose to attend the class and take the final exam. The office will consider the higher score into the student’s transcript.