About iSuCCeeD

ISuCCeeD Introduction

With the increasing number of international students in China, In April 2017,Donghua University set

upthe International Student Career Center (ISuCCeeD) which is the first career center forinternational

students in China. This career center is supported by China Centre of Dependable Strengths, U.S.A –

Tuohe Education which foundered by Dr. Bernard Haldane, a globally recognized pioneerfor career

counseling as a profession. Its dependable Strengths Articulation Process Program has been used in

Harvard University and Columbia University as Alumni placement menu.  

ISuCCeeD strives to meet the career needs of our students, from freshman to recent graduates and

alumni through increasing their self-awareness, career counselling, job/internship, employer events

and career workshops. 

Meanwhile, to be the bridge between students and enterprises,ISuCCeeD aims to impulse the success

of globalization for Chinese and Foreign enterprises.


Our Vision  

ISuCCeeD aims to bring out the best in each student and create a better future for students and

Impulse the success of globalization for Chinese and Foreign enterprises.


  Our Mission

Increase self-awareness, self-development and personal success for each student

Provide comprehensive and systematic career guidance to our students and alumni for their career

success in China and aboard.

Provide more job/internship opportunities for international students, and more talents for enterprises.