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Career Counselling

ISuCCeeD will provide you competitive career counselling service. All of our career advisor answers your personal question in job/internship searching and career planning. All of our advisers have professional background and rich industrial experience.


Resumes Service

Resumes have one humble but important job: to open a door and get you an interview. International students need to develop a Chinese style resume to work in the China. 

        ISuCCeeD provide:

1) How to write resume workshop

2) Sample Resumes

        Template bullet

        Template paragraph

      3) Resume verifies


Simulation of Interview

Simulations of Interview will be given in different format to improve your interview skills. you will learn the dressing code and different the interview tactics. Most importantly, you will be confident when you face the interviewers.


Jobs & Internships

1) Provide Job & internship information

2) Assist ICES in organizing Job Fairs and associated events


Seminar &Workshops

       1) Employer & Graduate School recruitment seminars

       2) Career Development Workshop



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2、Email: isucceed@dhu.edu.cn