Academic Canlendar

student calendar for Spring 2018.pdf

Student Academic Calendar for Spring 2018 Semester

Registration Week

Feb 28th–Mar 2nd

Orientation, English Placement Test, Math Placement Test, Microsoft Exemption Test, Chinese Exemption Test, Medical Check, Resident Permit Application and Course Selection for Freshmen

Mar 1st- 7th

Registration for Enrolled Students

Mar 1st

Deadline for Credits Transfer and Exemption Application Submission

Deadline for Grade Verification Application

Mar 2nd

Deadline for Course Changing

Deadline for Late Registration or Program Deferment

Week 1

Mar 5th

Instruction Starts

Mar 5 th-9th

Event1: Students’ Club Recruitment

Mar 7th

Deadline for Tuition Payment

Deadline for Enrolled Students Registration

Mar 8th

Courses Withdrawal for Non-Registered Students by Office

Mar 9th

Deadline for Personal Course Withdrawal

Mar 10th

Event2: Shanghai One Day-Trip

Week 5

Apr 5th -7th

Holiday: Tomb-Sweeping Day (No Classes on Thursday & Friday)

Week 8

Apr 23rd-27th

Event3: The 2ndInternational Students Fashion Design Competition

Week 9

Apr 29th- May 1st

Holiday: Labor Day (No Classes on & Monday & Tuesday)

May 2nd-4th

Immersion Week (Workshops & Field Trips)

May 3rd-6th

Event4: Degree Students Execution

Week 10

May 7th -11th

Event5: Donghua Sports Day

Week 14

Jun 4th -8th

Event6: Shanghai Dragon Boat Competition

Week 16

Jun 16th-18th

Holiday: Dragon-Boat Day (No Classes on Monday)

Jun 19th-22nd

Announcement of Students Not Eligible for Final Exam

2018 Fall Semester Online Course Selection (Tentative)

Week 17

Jun 25th–29th

Final Exam Arranged by Instructors

Week 18

Jul 2nd-6th

Final Exam Arrangement by the Office

Jul 5th

Event7:Graduation Ceremony

Week 19

Jul 7th

Summer Holiday Starts

Tentative International Forum in Spring 2018

March 27th, April 17th, May 29th, June 19th(schedule may change based on the availability of the speaker)

Key Dates of 2018 Fall Semester


Instruction Starts

Final Exam Week

Graduation Ceremony

Winter Holiday Starts

Sept 6th

Sept 10th

Jan 7th-11th

Jan 10th

Jan 12th