Suspension, Recovery of Schooling, and Dropping out School

Suspension, Recovery of Schooling, and Dropping out School

Program Suspension- Students may apply for program deferment for some special situation, such as serious disease, injury, family issues, or military service. Students wishing to defer from the program must apply to CIP administrative office by completing the Program Deferment Application and getting approval from the university. Program Deferment should not last more than two years and is granted at the sole discretion of the University. Student who applies for program deferment AFTER the start of the instruction is not qualified for tuition refunding.

Approved student will have his/her student’s records on file and his/her credits accumulated thus far can be retained. An Approval Letter of Deferment will be issued, indicating all the requirements for recommence and deferment period. This letter is required when the student recommences the study. Failure to re-commence studies at the nominated time will result in being subject to any fee increases taking place during the periods of deferment or being withdrawal from the program.Student applying a deferment do so with the understanding that he/she will be accepted back when space is available and his/her study can be reassumed. Student who fails to apply for deferment may be considered as abandoning his/her study without completion and the credits attained thus far will be cancelled.

If a student misses more than 54 classes out of the total class hours in one semester due to sickness, it can be deemed as Program Deferment if the doctor’s notes and diagnosis can be provided to indicate that the student need a long period of treatment and rest. These documents should be provided when the student is back to reassume the studies. The students may reserve the school roll during the period of schooling suspension but may not enjoy the treatment as the students studying on campus have. Upon expiration, the students shall raise an application for recovery of schooling at the beginning of June (if recovery of school is in Fall semester) or December (if recovery of school is in Spring semester).

Program Withdrawal - Student who is considering withdrawing from the program should submit the Program Withdrawal Application. The tuition is non-refundable if a student withdraws the program AFTER the instruction starts. Students’ RP will need to be canceled by the students themselves and leaving process is required to be done.

On approval of the withdrawal, student must pay the outstanding fees owing to the University in full, return the Student Card and any borrowed materials such as books. DHU will not issue any transcripts and/or certificates to student who has outstanding payment with the University.

Termination and Dropping out of School-A student may be subject to termination by DHU for any of the following reasons, and there is NO refund of course fees for a student who is terminated.

  • Failing to fulfill all the school work during the period prescribed by the university (including the period of schooling suspension)

  • Having receiving the warning of study for accumulatively 4 times;

  • Failing to meet the requirements in the second level of Probation.

  • Failing to raise the application for recovery of schooling within the prescribed period of the university, or unqualified review after application for schooling recovery, on expiration of schooling suspension.

  • Suffering from illness or accidental disability resulting in the failure to continue schooling in the university, after diagnosed by the hospital designated by the university;

  • Failing to register within the prescribed period of the university without any proper causes;

  • Having suspended the schooling for accumulatively two years, except serving in the army;

  • Continuous default of fee payments without approval for two semesters;

  • Having criminal offences;

  • Any conduct deemed to be unacceptable in DHU;

  • The international student applies for dropping out of school in person.

In the termination situation, Students’ RP will need to be canceled by the students themselves and leaving process is required to be done.

Change of Major - The students may not change the major after admission in principle. Special circumstances can be considered. Students who want to change one’s major should submit the Major Change Application with the signature of the applicants to Academic Affairs Officer by the end of the 4th semester. Students may only be allowed a maximum of two opportunities for major change.

Change of Classes- Students are not allowed to change classes or vary the schedule they have been issued since the 1st week of each semester except some special situation. And a student can transfer to upper level class only if he/she meets the prerequisite or get approval from both CIP administrative office and the instructors.

Rescheduling or Cancelling Classes - CIP reserves the right to cancel or reschedule a class before the date of its commencement. Every effort will be made upon such a cancellation/rescheduling to inform the enrolled students. Notice will also be placed through students email. CIP also reserves the right to withdraw a course and offer an alternative under unforeseen circumstances.