You are required to register at CIP Administrative Office on the designated date, which will be announced by the end of previous semester and usually starts from the Thursday before the start of instructions. If you fail to register on time without the permission of CIP (except for accidental forces), your enrollment may be cancelled by the University and you have to take the responsibility for all possible results, including student visa cancelled by force.

Please bring your current passport with valid visa and Student Card for the registration, during which, you will pay the tuition, insurance, and other fees, get your student status and personal information updated, and purchase the textbook. Respective instructors will provide the syllabi for each course in the first two weeks of the instruction.

Late Registration -The late registration should be no later than the 2nd Wednesday of every semester. You need to contact CIP office through email or phone calls by yourself for late registration. Asking for late registration permission through other people is unacceptable except for some special situation such as disabling illness or legal emergency of self or close family member. Other cases are not acceptable.

Students who expect to arrive after the instruction starts must submit the Late Registration Application along with related documents at least 3 working days before the registration day of the new semester. Applying for late registration only keep one’s enrollment in DHU but does not excuse one from being recorded as absent in the class. Student must take the responsibility for late registration. And it is student’s responsibility to make up the course materials and assignments missed.

Tuition Payment, Payment Deferral or Refund - By enrolling in classes at DHU, you have made a financial commitment to pay the tuition and fee charges associated with that enrollment. The enrollment action constitutes a financial obligation between you and DHU and all proceeds of this agreement will be used for education purposes.

You are required to pay the tuition for each semester before the payment deadline. For the semester studying in the third country as the outgoing exchange student, student is required to pay the tuition ahead in order to get the official documents issued by the University for visa application and enrollment. Payments can be made by Cash and Chinese Debit Card at ICES Cashier’s Counter. Only payment is available under your account at (Please read Online Payment Instructions) Bank transfer will not be accepted except for pre-approval. If you choose to pay by credit card online, please be noted that you have to pay additional 3% transaction fee to credit card company for each payment.

Tuition must be paid in full or student can apply for deferment with possible overdue fee. Deferral will be granted for tuition for regular students only. Students who apply for deferral of tuition payment should pay at least 20% of full tuition and the insurance during the registration to keep the name on the university records. A clear and reasonable causes provided on Payment Deferral Application will increase the chance of approval. Payment deferral can be extended only twice in one semester. And it is only by some irresistible factors which lead to payment failure on due date. The latest payment due day will be no later than the last working day of the second month of the semester. The University reserves the right to deny a payment deferment application to any student who has a poor payment record.

Course reservations may be cancelled if payment arrangement for past due date is not completed by the deadline as outlined in the Payment Deferment Application submit to CIP Administrative Office. Student is prohibited from registering for a semester until all previous debts due to the University are paid in full. DHU reserves the right to withhold certificates, diploma and/or transcripts to a student who has outstanding debt to the University.

If for some reason you have been approved to keep your full-time students while having less than 15 credits in total, you have no need to pay full tuition of CNY 25,000. The total tuition you have to pay includes CNY 5,000 student retention fee and CNY 1000 for each credit you have chosen.

The tuition is non-refundable after the instruction starts. The tuition paid may be refundable only if students applying for the program canceling or deferring BEFORE the instruction starts. However, tuition refund may be considered as giving up the enrollment of the program, and the University will cancel your student visa and inform the Exit-Entry Administration Bureau of Shanghai Public Security Bureau of the change of your visa status.

Tuition, Fees and Other Expenses: Apart from tuition, other expenses will be incurred during your study in DHU. We estimated the possible expenses as followings. All costs are given for one semester. The university reserves the right to change any of the charges without notice. Other expenses may happened during the study in DHU

Tuition   Fees for CIP

CNY   25,000 per semester

Math Supplementary Course Fee

CNY 2,500 per semester

(only for   student failed the math placement test)

Course   Exemption Fee

CNY 150/credit for subjects on Chinese,   Math, English, and other non-business fundamental courses, such as General   Outline of China.

CNY   200/credit for business courses

Course   Repeat Fee

CNY 250/credit for subjects   on Chinese, Math, English, and other non-business foundation courses, such as   General Outline of China.

CNY   400/credit for business courses

DHU Full-time Student Status Retention   Fee

CNY 5000 per semester

(for special cases when a student’s total credits in   one semester is less than 15)

Accidental   & Hospitalization Insurance

CNY   400 per semester

Textbook   & Supplies

Estimated   at CNY 1200 (Vary with course selected)

Tuition   fee for Minor in Chinese Language

CNY   500 per credit

Chinese   Visa Costs

about   CNY 1500 (including medical examination)

Living   expenses

Vary   depends on personal expending habits

Please note that it is your responsibility to remain in good financial standing and ensure that all outstanding payment are settled promptly to avoid inconveniences to you as well as to the University. If you fail to do so, you will be prohibited from attending classes, taking exams or otherwise progressing with your program of study. Please refer to the detailed payment policy for more information and the University reserves all rights in explaining the mode of payment. And it is 

your responsibility to take all the responsibilities for not paying tuition on time.