Credit Transfer

Credit Transfer


I.  Transferred Student

Students from other colleges or universities may be accepted for studying in CIP with maximum 30 credits to be transferred. However, students have to apply as first-time application. Student must have official transcripts forwarded directly to the Admission Department before the date of registration. CIP evaluates courses from postsecondary institutions that are regionally accredited and offering the program in English. Students will receive full credit if he/she meets following requirements: The director of CIP approves the transfer courses that are acceptable toward a degree.

1.Student should attend the course(s) within 2 years when he/she enrolled in the program

2.The credit hours of certain course should be at least 80% of the course hours offered in CIP

3.The official transcript from previous institute and course outline should be provided for transfer evaluation and the content for the course should match over 80% of the equivalent course in CIP

4.Student must receive a grade equivalent to “70%” or better to get credit transferred.

5.Courses related to English, Chinese language, Math, Statistics and Computer Skills will NOT be transferred but can only be exempted based on the exemption test and the evaluation of the instructor.

6.Student can choose to take these courses again in CIP and the higher score will be recorded on the transcript.

Planning for effective transfer within maximum efficiency is ultimately the student’s responsibility. Students who is planning to transfer the credits are suggest to consult admissions officer as early as possible  


II.  Outgoing Exchange Student

Courses transferred back to CIP by students participating in the exchange Program will be evaluated as CIP courses and recorded on the student’s academic record. All computable grades earned will be included in calculating the student’s cumulative grade-point average.


III.  Credit Transfer Procedure

Students who wants to apply for credit transfer should apply by the Friday before the instruction starts. Application after the instruction starts will not be accepted.It usually take at least 1 week for the administrative office to process the credits transferring application. The office will issue a “Credit Transfer Approval Letter” to the student indicating the number of credits he/she can transfer.  The Academic Affairs Officer will record your transferred credits on your transcript only if you show her the "Credit Transfer Approval Letter". Otherwise, it will be considered that student has given up the right to transfer the credit and decided to retake the course in CIP. 



Course Exemption


I.  Placement and Exemption Test of Chinese,English, Math and Computer Courses

  • All the students are required to take exemption tests for Chinese, English, Math and Computer courses during the registration week in their first semester.

  • The test result will determine the knowledge level of the subject and which courses he/she has to take.

  • Students who pass the Placement and Exemption Test will be awarded the credits of corresponding courses

  • The passing grade is 60% or above

II.  Exemption of Other Course  


Students are expected to follow the schedule of study determined by the University, take all the required courses and fulfill the graduation requirements. However, student may apply for Course Exemption without academic penalty. Only required courses can be exempted. Student can apply for Course Exemption for in following conditions:


  1. Student has learned the similar course in a program which is not taught in English or in a Non-degree programs and believes that he/she has grasp the associated knowledge. 

  2. Student has learned the similar course in a English-taught program equivalent to bachelor programs but are not qualify to get credit transfer

III.  Course Exemption Procedure


In order for exemption to be granted, you must submit the Exemption Application Form by the end of the 1st week of the each semester. Each student only have one chance to apply for the exemption for each course and only required courses can be exempted. An exemption exam may be required by the instructor to assess the knowledge you have learned on the course. The time and format of exemption exams is determined by the instructor. The granting of exemption will always be contingent upon your capacity to maintain the satisfactory performance level.


If the student is granted the exemption of certain course, the exemption exam result would be used as the final grade. A students may be exempted from a maximum of 20% of total course units. If the student fails the exemption test, he/she has used up his/her right of exemption and have to take the course in the following semester.  No credit will be granted for life experience.


The “Course Exemption Pass Letter” will be issued to the student indicating the courses the student can be exempted. However, the credits will be recorded on the transcript until the student pay the course exemption fee. If you refuse to make the payment, it indicates that you choose to take the course instead.


  • Collect the “Course Exemption Approval Letter” from CIP Administrative Office when receiving the notice. The earned credits have to be confirmed in person

  • Present your ID card when you make the payment in ICES Cashier's Desk

  • Payment should be made in the following semester along with the tuition fee

  • Rejecting to pay the exemption fee indicates that you have given up your right of exemption and you have chosen to take the course in CIP instead.

  • Academic Affairs Officer record the grade and credits of exempted courses on your transcript only if you present your approval letter and payment receipt.


IV. Course Exemption Fee:

  • CNY 150 per credit for Courses in subjects of Chinese, Math, English, Computer and other fundamental courses, such as General Outline of China.

  • CNY 200 per credit for Business Courses.

CIP office reserves the final interpretation for this regulation.


You can download the policy in PDF form here: Credit Transfer and Course Exemption Policy.pdf