Bachelor Program of Economics in International Trade

This major allows you to become an international trade expert. You will learn the economic principles, as well as the macroeconomic policies, that regulate global markets. Obtain first-hand knowledge by studying advances in technology and logistics through the lens of multinational corporations. You will also learn about the influences of outsourcing in the international trading framework. The program also offers key insight in China’s role in international trade.

Suggested Study Plan for BIT (*course name inItalic   is specification course for this major)
Note: *Students can choose minimum 15 credits, maximumly 26   credits per semester; ** This study plan is subjected to change according to   each student's individual situation.
Academic YearsemesterRequired CourseCreditsElective Courses Can   be choosed after this semesterCredits
11Chinese I8Pysical Education 12
PAL4Pysical Education 22
Foundamental Math3Pysical Education 32
Road to College Success1Pysical Education 42
General Outline of China2

Introduction to Business2

Introduction to Economics2


2Chinese II8

Academic Writing4+1

Math for Commerce I3

Advanced Application of MS Office32

Management Essential2



23Chinese III6Presentation Skills2+1
Basic Statistics2Chinese Business   Culture & Etiquette2
Microeconoimcs2Singing in Chinese2
Marketing Essential3Math for Commerce II3
Cross-Cultural Communication2Chinese Painting   & Calligraphy I2
Business Ethics3


4Chinese IV6Business English2+1
Principle of Accounting I3Chinese Economy &   Society2
Logistic & Supply Chain MGT3Consumer   Behavior3
Business Law3Organizational   Behavior3
Entrepreneurship & Innovation3Chinese Painting   & Calligraphy II2
International Trade3


35Management   Information System3Intermediate Oral   Chinese4
E-Business2College Chinese I4
Quality Management2Chinese Literature3
Service Marketing & MGT3Principle of   Accounting II3
Business in Emerging Markets3HSK Preparation2

International   Marketing and Sales3
Total13Managerial Accounting3

6International   Business3College Chinese II4
Customer & Supplier Relationship Management3Project Management2

Fashion Marketing3

Human Resource   Management3

Brand Management3
Total6Principle of Finance3

47Research Methodlogy3Knowledge   Management3
Stratigic Management3Corperate Finance3
International Finance3Case   Integration/Simulation3
Total9Marketing   Communication3

Total (Excluding last   semester)111Operations Management3

8Graduating   Internship/Placement5

Thesis Writing10