Application Form of Graduation

Application for Graduation

Instructions: Please complete the Application Form for Graduation and submit it to the CIP Administrative Office by the required date. Students who apply after the deadline will not be accepted. After we have received your application for graduation, we will have your graduation qualification reviewed and send you a confirmation letter.


Students are recommended to focus on thesis in the last semester. Students are only allowed to take 3 courses at maximum in the last semester, namely the semester that you intend to graduate.


You are expected to be aware of all graduation requirements and to take appropriate action to successfully complete them prior to your expected graduation date. To be eligible for graduation, you must meet all requirements as outlined in the Course Selection Guidance.


Documents you need to submit:

1. This Application Form

2. Course Selection Guidance (AIS, the platform where you select the courses)

3. Course Schedule for Current Semester (AIS)

Application Form of Graduation.doc