Graduation and Certificate

Graduation and Certificate

Graduating -The International Program is designed for four-year study. However, students can finish the program within 3 to 6 years once she/he meets all the graduating requirements. The case that students can graduate within 3 years is comparatively rare in the real situation, and the CIP office cannot make sure that each student can graduate within 3 years. Normally students need to spend four or more than four years to finish tha academic tasks in CIP. 

The extended learning period starts from the fifth year, and the undergraduate students are allowed to study in the university for 6 years at maximum (including the period of schooling suspension, except the period of serving in the army).

And please pay attention here. Students are only allowed to take maximum three courses together with the graduation thesis in the last semester, namely the semester that students are going to graduate. 

E.g. If you take 4 courses together with the graduation thesis, your application for graduation will not be approved by the office, which means you need to register in CIP for one more semester. And meanwhile, you are only allowed to study in CIP for 6 years at maximum, therefore please schedule your study pace wisely. 

Student who has met all the graduating requirements listed below will be awarded the Completion Certificates & Bachelor Degree Diploma.

  1. Have passed all the courses, including practicum, as stated in the curriculum within 6 years;

  2. Have earned all required credit hours;

  3. Have passed the thesis defense;

  4. The cumulative average grade points (GPA) of all required courses is over 1.7;

  5. No unreturned books or other material from the university;

  6. And, have paid up all the fees.

Chinese courses and General Outline of China are compulsory courses for the undergraduate students who are taught in English. The student will be deemed to have met the requirements of Level IV of the Chinese Language Proficiency Scales for Speakers of Other Languages, if passing all the Chinese compulsory courses listed in the teaching plan.

Student, who have earned all required credits within 6 years but failed to meet one of other graduation requirements, will not receive the diploma but only Completion Certificate. However, he/she is still eligible to receive the diploma once he/she meets that requirement(s) within a year after graduation. Student fails to pass all the courses within 6 years will only receive a Proof of Enrollment.

Students need to submit the Application for Graduation before the 3rd week of the semester before the semester student is planning to graduate. Academic Affairs Officer will review the student’ academic profile and determine his/her qualification to proceed to the stage of thesis and graduate on time. Failure to submit the application on time may cause the delay of the graduation.

Leaving the University - Student who has deferred the program, withdrawn from the program, transferred to other university or graduated must submit the Student Clearance Form to CIP Academic Office before leaving. Student is advised to return their Student Card to CIP and any borrowed materials to their lecturers or library in order to receive the diploma or Proof of Enrollment on time.

The students should go through the procedures of leaving school after graduation, and receive the Graduation Certificate and Degree Certificate with the receipt of finishing the leaving school procedures, as well as terminating the identity of a student. The university will not deal with the formalities of extending the term of Residence Permit for study, and graduating students shall leave school within fifteen days.