A Letter to Graduates of 2020

On July 9, 2020, Donghua University held the graduation ceremony. Those who are in Shanghai attended it on-campus, while most of class of 2020 are abroad. Some of them managed to attend the online ceremony.

During the graduation ceremony, CIP lecturer Mr. Anselm Vermeulen gave a speech on behalf of the faculty. The main takeaways for anyone who missed it:

There is a lot uncertain in the world right now. We are dealing with a virus that has affected almost everybody on the planet. Personally, economically, and also academically. In these past months, some of you suddenly received a lot of extra responsibilities: Some of you made a lot of extra hours in the family business.

Some of you had to help out a struggling friend or family member. At the same time, you had to deal with travel restrictions and a lot of uncertainties. But what's not uncertain is Donghua University's belief in you. By graduating here today, you have proven to be go-getters. You don't settle for less. And you persevere. I am impressed with the attitude you have put forward to reach this moment. So what ever career path you choose, we hope your experience gained at Donghua University and CIP will guide you to do the right thing. For yourself and for the future.

Some of you might pursue further studies. Some of you will start your own business, or join an existing one. Whatever the future holds for you, let the knowledge you obtained here, combined with your personal motivation, be the driving forces.

This university is proud. Proud of the students that graduate today. As one of the country's state-key universities, we recognize that we have a responsibilty to turn motivated students into motivated and responsible graduates. Graduates that value entrepeneurship. But also the environment. And also humanity. That is what we stand for. And it is what we teach at Donghua University. So we are proud. Proud to contribute to a world where growth can be achieved economically and personally, without losing sight of the environment around us.

So dear graduates. Go where you want to go. Chase your dreams. Don't forget us. Because we will defenitely not forget about you. Congratulations!