A Message to All CIP Students during Pandemic - Dr. John Wilson

Dear all




We hope you and your families are all safe and well. These are incredibly exceptional times and everyone at CIP and the University fully appreciate the circumstances in which you are undertaking your studies.


We realise you may be balancing various responsibilities, including perhaps caring or worrying about family members and needing to give them reassurance about their and your own welfare.


We have great respect for your determination to continue your education and achieve your qualifications. Your intention to take a longer-term view is exactly the right thing to do in our view.


We know the current situation is stressful, challenging and of unknown duration, but we also know that, firstly, at some point the crisis will pass and, secondly, the very difficulties now being experienced can help in the future. Let me give you an example.


The key findings of the QS 2019 Global Skills Gap Report, based on the QS Global Employer Survey (with over 14,000 responses) included the following:


  • Problem solving, resilience, and communication remain the top three skills gaps.

  • The most important skills are problem solving, communication, and teamwork.

  • Employers are least satisfied with negotiating skills, leadership, and commercial awareness.


By continuing your studies under current circumstances, whether online, offline or both, you are all clearly demonstrating the skills where employers report the greatest skills gap (not least resilience) (the first bullet point).


By interacting in your tutorial groups with your peers, many of whom of course will be in different parts of the world and different time zones, you are demonstrating amazing problem-solving, communication and teamwork skills (the second bullet point).


I also believe you will all absolutely be able to impress employers in the areas where they currently report least satisfaction (the third bullet point).


If your intention post-graduation is to pursue self-employment, I believe you are again demonstrating and developing the same skills and character traits needed, and the same ones that employers are seeking.


Looking beyond your studies and into the wider family and country context, your ability to empathise, support each other, act selflessly and as good citizens all reinforce the attributes you are demonstrating on your course.


The current situation is more difficult than anything the vast majority of us have ever known. It is, however, an experience, like everything else in life, from which we can learn and emerge maybe as stronger individuals. In your case, whatever your career goals, I sincerely believe you can take this experience and your response to it and in time look back on it as something that actually contributed to you achieving your goals.


Stay safe and don’t hesitate to ask anyone in CIP for help. We are all here for you.

I am looking forward to meet you on DHU campus in the near future

Best Wishes!

Dr. John Wilson