Visa Guidance for Enterprise to Hire International Students as Intern in China

Visa Guidance for Enterprise

to Hire International Students as Intern in China

Update 2019

I. According to the provisions of the People's Republic of China on exit and entry administration, international students studying in universities in Shanghai must meet the following requirements if they plan to have internship in China

a. Studying in degree programs in Chinese university, including bachelors and postgraduate programs;

b. Programs curriculum has internship requirements

c. Working as intern will not affect his/her study in school. In general, student

    i. Can have internship in winter and summer holiday except for his/her first year of study;

    ii. Can have graduation internship in his/her last year of study

II. According to the provisions of the People's Republic of China on entry and exit administration, enterprises hiring foreign student as intern must abide by the following provisions:

  1. The internship position must be related to the studying major of the student

  2. Enterprises cannot pay any remuneration for internship. Only reasonable amount of transportation and meal allowances are allowed.

  3. Enterprise should remind and supervise student to apply for internship visa at university at least TWO weeks before the starting date of the internship and provide necessary support to help student to get Resident Permit (study) – Internship (aka. internship visa) on time.

  4. Enterprises need to remind foreign intern to carry the passport, Registration of Temporary Resident, Student ID and other identification document with him/her during the working period for possible inspection by authorities.

  5. In principle, the length of internship for an international student working in one enterprise should not exceed SIX months. And international students can only apply for an internship visa with length of validity no more than SIX months at one time.

III. The following incident will be considered as illegal working in China. Once found, enterprises and the international student will be punished by the public security organs. Student may face the penalty up to be expelled from schools, repatriation, and may not be able to enter China within 10 years.

  1. International student did not apply for internship visa in time.

  2. The nature of student’s actual job is inconsistent with that registered during internship visa application. For example, the registered position is marketing assistant, but the actual job is English teaching.

  3. Enterprise is found to pay remuneration to the student.

IV. Others

    1. Enterprises do not need to sign tripartite contracts with the university and student, but need to stamp on the enterprise acknowledge section on internship visa application form

    2. Donghua University does not issue "Non-Criminal Record" for any international students. The relevant certificates can only be issued by public security organs. Student can pick up the non-criminal record application form from the university (ICES 122) and submit it to designated police station.




1. 根据中国人民共和国出入境管理规定,在上海高校学习的外国留学生符合以下几个条件,允许在学习期间实习。

  1. 留学生为学历生,在高校攻读本科或研究生学历;

  2. 留学生所学专业课程设置有教学实习要求;

  3. 留学生在企业实习不影响其在校学习。原则上毕业实习只可在学习最后一年。非毕业生可在寒暑假实习。第一年新生不允许实习

2. 根据中国人民共和国出入境管理规定,企业以实习生身份聘用外国留学生,必须遵守以下规定:

  1. 留学生的实习岗位必须与其所学专业相符;

  2. 企业不得支付实习任何劳动报酬,但是可以支付留学生合理的交通和三餐补贴。

  3. 企业需监督学生提前2周到学校申请实习,并协助学生和学校为学生办妥居留许可(学习)实习加注(简称实习签证)。

  4. 企业需提醒实习者在工作期间携带护照等相关身份证明以备相关机关查验。

  5. 留学生在同一个单位实习原则上不能超过6个月。留学生一次性只可申请最长六个月的实习签证。

3. 以下情况将被视为非法打工,一旦被发现,企业及学生将受到公安机关处罚,情节严重的学生将被学校开除,并被公安机关遣送出国,并面临10年内无法入境的情况

  1. 留学生未及时办理实习签证。

  2. 学生实际工作性质与其申请实习签证时登记的岗位内容不符,如登记的岗位是营销助理,但学生实际从事工作为英语教学。

  3. 企业被发现支付学生劳务费

4. 其他

  1. 企业不需要与学校和学生签署三方合同,但是需要在留学生实习申请表上盖章,作为学生申请实习签证的凭证;

  2. 东华大学不为任何留学生开局《无犯罪纪录证明》,相关证明只能由公安机关开局。学生可以先到学校领取相应的申请表,到指定派出所办理