International Student Apartments (ISAs)

International Student Apartments (ISAs)

DHU has 3 International Student Apartment buildings with over 900 beds available on Yan'an Road campus. All the rooms are equipped with private bathroom, furniture, air conditioner, telephone, TV set, fridge and Internet jack. In the public areas, there are washing machines, microwave oven, hot and cold water dispenser and electronic stoves, common room, laundry service, self-study lounge and activity room. International Student Affairs Dept. of ICES is in charge of affairs of living in the ISAs.


Double Room: CNY 6500/semester/person


Multiple Room: CNY 4450/semester/person



Only the enrolled full-time international students can live in ISAs. New students should make the reservation by logging in the online application acount after being admitted by DHU. Currently enrolled students also need to make the online reservation for the next semester within the designated time. Rooms are allocated by ICES only, changing rooms without permission from ICES are not allowed.


If you have made the reservation and been allocated a room in ISAs, please take your passport to process check-in at International Student Affairs Dept. and move in the dorm from the designated date.


At check-in, the accommodation fee must be paid in one lump sum for a whole semester, which is about 130 days. For example, the total accommodation fee for a person to live in the double room is about CNY 7000.


The accommodation fee excludes the Internet fee. You need to activate the China Telecom Broadband Service by yourself. You may bring your original passport to Rm. 114 (TianYi Mobile Phone shop) of the Student Service Center to sign up for the service. The 24-hour unlimited Internet fee is about CNY 60/month. From the second month, you may go to Rm.116 of Student Service Center to purchase the top-up card with your Tianyi username. In case that you still could not surf on Internet after topping up, please report to the reception desk inside of ISAs.


There are 2 telephones in each room, i.e. one is for internal calls within ISAs, the other is for external calls. It is free to call internal numbers from room to room, which are the same as the room numbers. 201 Phone Card is needed for making external calls in China. IP Long Distance Phone Card is required along with 201 Phone Card for international calls. The phone cards can be purchased in Student Service Center. 

Hot water & electricity

The accommodation fee includes some free electricity and hot water quotas. Extra utility fees will be charged if the quotas have been used up before the end of the semester. The hot water card should be topped up at International Student Affars Dept.

Guide for on-campus residents

There is a ‘Service Guide to International Student Apartments of Donghua University’ on the back of each room door, which includes Rules of Management of ISAs, Instruction of Facilities in ISAs, Notes on Using Study Lounge, Café & Laundry Service, Guide to Living outside Campus, Life Guide for the International Students, Useful Living Information, and Transportation around Yan’an Road Campus. Please read it carefully to understand the relevant regulations and living information.

Extending stay in ISAs

International Student Affairs Dept. will inform the ISAs residents of the room reservation notice one month before the end of each semester. If you need to continue to live in the ISAs for the coming semester, please go online within the period indicated on the notice for room reservation process in order to enjoy the room arrangement priority. Otherwise, please process check-out at International Student Affairs Dept. on time.


If you need to check-out from ISAs in the middle of the semester, bring the original accommodation receipt to International Student Affairs Dept. three days before you leave. The remaining accommodation fee will be refunded according to the actual remaining residence nights. Any other expense such as extra electricity, hot water or equipment damage occurs, will be charged.

Dormitory Mailing Address

Room number, International Student Apartments

Donghua University

1882,Yan’an Road West

Shanghai, 200051, P.R.China


Management of ISAs

Residence Advisor (RA) team consists of a group of warm-hearted international students, who are based in No. 3 ISAs building. RA members are from over 20 various countries, offering assistance in Chinese, English, Japanese, Korean, French, Spanish and other languages. They are very generous in offering help to new ISAs residents with their adaption to the new environment and life at DHU. RA works as a bridge between ISAs residents and the administration departments.

Working hour: 13:00-21:00, Mon.-Sun.

Working place: Reception Desk of No. 3 ISAs building

Contact No.: On the RA name card available at reception desk

Property Management Office is responsible for the service management and equipment repairs of three ISAs buildings.

Working hour: 8:00-17:30, Mon.-Sun.

Office: Rm. 30105 of No. 3 ISAs building

Contact No.: 62379112

Janitor’s Room of No. 1 & 2 ISAs building is responsible for the equipment repairs, mail distribution and emergency.

Working hour: 24 hours, Mon.-Sun.

Working place: Gatehouse of No. 2 ISAs building

Contact No.: 62379317 (Phone ext. 2000)

Janitor’s Room of No. 3 ISAs building is responsible for the equipment repairs, mail distribution and emergency.

Working hour: 24 hours, Mon.-Sun.

Working place: Reception Desk of No. 3 ISAs building

Contact No.: 62374987 (Phone ext. 30109)