Map and Directions

To Yan'an Road Campus:

1882 Yan'an West Road, Changning District, Shanghai  (close to  Zhongshan West Road)

By Metro: Take Line 3 or 4 to Yan'an West Road Station, walk across footbridge to other side of Yan'an Road and go right. You pass a row of small shops and eating places and after about 5 mins come to the gate of the Campus on your left.

By taxi: The taxi should drop you at the gate to the campus on Yan’an West Road.

To ICES : From the gate of the campus you walk directly into the campus until you need to turn. Here you turn right and walk to the end of that road. The building at the end is the ICES (International Cultural Exchange School).

A. Location of Donghua University in Shanghai

donghua university maps

B. Campus Map of Yan'an Campus.

Center of International Programs is located in International Education Center Building (Building 12)

C. Map of Shanghai Metro

Metro Stations around Campus

  • West Yan'an Road Station of Line 3 and Line 4, (around 10 minutes walking distance to IECB)

  • Hong Qiao Road Station and Song Yuan Road Station of Line 10 (both station is around 15 minuts walking distance to IECB)

  • Lou Shan Guan Road Station of Line 2 (about 10 minutes by bike)