Foreign Exchange Program for CIP Students in Fall 2015

Foreign Exchange Program for CIP Students in Fall 2015


I.General Information

In order to enrich CIP students’ learning experience, broaden students’ mindset in the circumstance of globalization, and provide students’ more chances to experience a different culture, CIP administrative office has worked with International Exchange Department of Donghua University and successfully acquire several exchange quotas for CIP students.


Based on the exchange agreements between Donghua University and oversea universities, only limited quotas are available for exchange in each university. Students will study in the other university for 1 semester and the credits will be transferred to DHU credits accordingly. Students who are selected to be part of the exchange program will study in the other university but pay the tuition of CIP, which is CNY 25,000 per semester.



II.Eligible Requirements

a)Student who is in third, fourth, fifth and sixth semester in CIP, or not the last semester (Enrolled from 2012 Fall to 2014 Fall) is eligible for the Exchange University.

b)Student whose GPA of previous semesters is higher than 2.5.

c)Student who is not under any disciplinary action.

d)Student who has no overdue payment to the university.



III.Selection Criteria (In the order of importance):

a)Students with higher GPA will be considered first.

b)Student who is not from the continent where the destination university is located.

c)Member of CIPSA or ISA will be considered first if two students have similar GPA.

d)Student who has participated university events actively, supported CIP administrative work, or had special contribution to the university will be on the priority list.



IV.Application Materials

a)Application Form for Studying Abroad – ICES

(Download from application for exchange.doc)

b)Additional application documents required by the destination university (Will be announce to you once your application has been approved).



V.Application Procedure

a)Read the information for exchange carefully, including the school information, exchange instruction provided by each university. All the courses offered by each university are taught in English.

b)Submit the Application Form for Studying Abroad to Ms. Marina. Deadline: April 30th, 2015.

c)DHU will review your application and select the candidate first following the selection criteria and inform the recommended students beforeMay 1st.

d)The recommended students submit other required documents to the exchange university.



VI.Credit Transfer Procedure

a)Credit transfer principle: 1 KHU credit/Dong-A/CAU credit = 1 DHU credit. If the course is considered the same course listed in CIP Curriculum, the credits will be given by CIP directly.

b)Once student finish the study overseas, he/she should acquire a study certificate and an official transcript issued by the oversea university.

c)Provide the original copy of the study certificate, course syllabus and official transcript to CIP administrative office, the course and credits will be reviewed and final credits will be recorded on student’s DHU transcript.



VII.Universities lists for Foreign Exchange in Fall 2015 (If we have more universities added, the office will let you know by email)

ATTN: Please refer to universities’ websites for detailed information.


a)Kyung Hee University, Korean

i.Studying Period:September, 2015 to December, 2015

Course Information:


b)Chung-Ang University, Korean  

i.Studying Period: September, 2015 to December, 2015



c)Dong-A University, Korean

i.Studying Period: September, 2015 to December, 2015



d)Universitat Internacional De Catalunya (UIC),Spain

i.Studying Period: September, 2015 to December, 2015




VIII.Other reminders

a)Student who has been selected to join the foreign exchange program need to pay the tuition for Fall 2015 before June 15th.

b)Student need to get the visa and arrange the living in the destination university by his/herself. Please visit the exchange website for the information on housing and the website of the embassy for visa application.

c)Students can only get credit transferred by submitting the transcript and studying certificate issued by the exchange university.



IX.Contact Person

Ms. Miao Yue (Marina)

Office Phone: 62373362 extensions 16Email:

Office: IECB 100, International Education Center Building, Donghua University